Shows and Schedule

The Big Stiff Podcast

This is the BIG STIFF PODCAST where local blokes Scott and Rosco met in a NRL fantasy discord, we decided to go out on our own and start a sports podcast. We interview ex sports athletes and current sport athletes, which include Olympians, boxers, NFL players, Paralympians and much more.

PLW Podcast

The Premier League Wiffleball League has been on CSN Sports for quite a while. Lets just say, its been a hit! We are now introducing the PLW Podcast. Updates on it hours are coming soon!

Utah Roundnet

An action packed game of Spikeball all here on CSN Sports. More information on the game of the week coming soon.

Premier League Wiffle

A competitive semi-fast pitch format with clean balls and yellow tape bat played exclusively at Ranch Island Field in Las Vegas. While there is no pitching speed limit, a ball hitting the strike zone must be 55mph or less to be a called strike judged by radar. There is no base running and infielders have 5 seconds on bat contact to make a play on a ground ball and hit the backstop. More information on the game of the week coming soon.