Fantasy Basketball Update

As I sit here semi watching a movie I’m not really interested in I was thinking about my Fantasy team. This was the first year I played fantasy basketball, and well did I learn a lot.

To start I truly believe I have the best fantasy team in the league. The first three weeks I couldn’t figure out why I was loosing, I was consistently having players put up some of the best numbers. Then I learned… you had to change your lineup daily. It was unlike fantasy football where you changed your lineup once a week and you were all set, YOU HAVE TO CHANGE YOUR LINEUP DAILY. And that is what I started doing.

Now I am tied for 8th place with a record of 3-4. If I win this week I should rise in the rankings. As of right now I think I am pretty close to getting a lock in the tournament.

So now lets talk about my team and all of my players. Starting at Guard Luka Doncic, as of right now he is day to day and did not play on the 11th. At Shooting Guard I have Devin Booker, averaging nearly 37 points. He should have been a pick for the all-star game, but who knows why he didn’t. He eventually did play but replaced a player that opted out. Two other key players are Al Horford and Karl-Anthony Towns.

I have a pretty solid lineup and should go pretty far. No I know my stupidity and learned to change my lineup I can no truly play. Ever since I changed my lineup I’m on a 3 game win streak. If I keep it up I should be able to win the playoff tournament. Wish me luck, and I will keep you posted on the team.

Its March, and you know what that means. We will do our best to cover March Madness and the NCAA Tournament. We also will cover more and more sports content.

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